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DAPPER v.0.9 has just been released

DAPPER v.0.9 has just been released


Published: 02.07.2019
Oppdatert: 09.08.2022

Patrick N. Raanes

DAPPER er en open-source Python pakke for benchmarking av metoder i data assimilering (DA) med formål å gi eksperimentell støtte i utviklingen av nye algoritmer.

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Developed at NORCE by Patrick N. Raanes (previously at the Nansen center) under the DIGIRES project, this open-source Python package enables benchmarking the performance of data assimilation (DA) methods for the purpose of experimental support and guidance for new developments in data assimilation and history matching.

It successfully reproduces the numerical results reported in the literature, safeguarding the quality of its benchmarks.

The latest release will be used in two summer schools on data assimilation.


Patrick N. Raanes

Researcher - Bergen
+47 51 87 56 43