Webinar ElCon: Electrical Conditions in Submerged Arc Furnaces

Process insights derived from electrical conditions.

Sist oppdatert: Mar 14, 2022
Elcon webinar2022

Understanding and controlling the electrical conditions is essential to stabilize operation and save energy.

  • Do you want to improve furnace stability?
  • Do you want to improve energy efficiency?

The goal of ElCon is to bring together leading researchers and metal producers worldwide to address the electrical conditions inside the furnace.

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13:00–13:05 Welcome, Vetle Kjær Risinggård (NORCE)

13:05–13:30 Introduction, Svenn Anton Halvorsen (NORCE)

13:30–13:50 Industrial case – Steel shell damage by inductive heating, Jens Davidsen (Eramet Norway) and Manuel Sparta (NORCE)

13:50–14:10 Impact of current distribution on harmonics in a submerged arc furnace, Hákon Valur Haraldsson (Reykjavík University)

14:10–14:30 Identification of the phase electrical parameters of the electrode zone of the resistance arc furnace, Tomasz Kraszewski (Glokor)

14:30–15:00 Open discussion