The DigiMon project at Climit Digit 2021

VIDEO: Watch the presentation of the DigiMon ACT II CCS project, held at the Climit Digit 2021 webinar on February 10th 2021.

Sist oppdatert: Feb 11, 2021
Published Feb 11, 2021

The DigiMon project is an ACT II CCS project coordinated by NORCE, running for 3 years from September 2019.

- The overall objective of the DigiMon project is to “accelerate the implementation of CCS by developing and demonstrating an affordable, flexible, societally embedded and smart Digital Monitoring early-warning system”, for monitoring CO2 storage reservoir, well integrity and subsurface barrier system, explains project manager Arvid Nøttvedt at NORCE.

The project combines distributed fiber-optic sensing technologies (DxS), seismic point sensors and gravimetry.

- It involves development and integration of system components that are available at intermediate to high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) to a uniformly high TRL, prior to integration of components into the DigiMon early-warning system. In addition, the project considers the monitoring system from the point of view of societal acceptability and benefit, says Nøttvedt.

More information at the DigiMon website.


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