Data assimilation in the cloud

Patrick's course on data assimilation (DA) can now be run on cloud computing facilities.

Sist oppdatert: Jun 26, 2020

The course consists of 9 Jupyter (Python) notebooks, featuring interactive demos, theory, and exercises.

The course teaches DA for use in geoscience, from a Bayesian perspective.

It has been taught on several occasions.

Screenshot from tutorials


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03. Jul 2020

Research group: Worklife and Inclusion (WIN)

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03. Jul 2020

When can we travel safely again in Europe?

NOV i Open Lab
30. Jun 2020

Significant contribution to Digital Drilling by NORCE

Meidiafutures devices
26. Jun 2020

NORCE will participate in the SFI project MediaFutures, starting in the autumn of 2020

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16. Apr 2020