Gas lift testing (MPL)

The MPL facility is multipurpose where testing of Gas Lift Valves (GLV) at down hole conditions is a core activity, in addition to flow and cycle tests.

Sist oppdatert: 25. jun. 2019
MPL Elisabeth Tønnessen
Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Specific programs have been developed for testing of GLV's at down hole conditions as the primary barrier. The test program is based upon the ISO 14310 and ISO 17078-2, but we can configure individual programs or modify the facility to comply with other standards.

The facility can be adapted to meet customers' needs in pressure and leakage testing as a general of downhole equipment. An example could be testing unloading valves based upon similar test programs used for the GLV's

To ensure safety and avoid personnel injury all high-pressure control and test operations are done remotely from our main control room separate from the facility itself.