Downhole instrumentation and control systen (DIACS)

With this 15m+ long horizontal test cell we can simulate a wide array of downhole conditions regarding pressure, flow and temperature. The cell is equipped with trace heating, pressure control, data acquisition and fluid flow capabilities. The equipment to be tested is loaded from the top end and contained by flanged end caps. A test program may involve a range of temperature and pressure set points on the annular side or directly on the test object, this can be tailored to what the customer want.

Sist oppdatert: 25. jun. 2019
HPHT underside IRIS
Photo: NORCE

To maintain the safety of personnel all test sequences are run remotely from a separate control room with full data acquisition as well as live audio/video feed.

The facility is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the customer's needs including new test chambers. A few examples of tested objects here are a range of packers, smart well systems, well tractors, plugs and external casing packers. Gate valve testing including erosion, pressure testing and automated operations are also performed. Special test chambers can be constructed and integrated towards the infrastructure of the facility to pressurize and heat all types of tools and equipment. All gas testing includes proper bleed-off procedures.

Available test programs for the facility:

Statoil TR 2385
ISO 14310 Qualification of packers and bridge plugs
ISO 14998 Downhole equipment - Completion accessories
ISO 10423 Drilling and production equipment - Wellhead and christmas tree equipment
Rogaland Research – general test program TR/WR-SCSSV
Rogaland Research – Gate valve test program
Testing according to API 6A