TFL Test Centre

Through Flow Line is a specialized well intervention method developed for servicing satellite wells on subsea templates. The TFL technique uses pump flow to propel the tool down into, and out of oil producing wells. This is especially profitable in remotely operated subsea satellite wells.

Sist oppdatert: Jun 25, 2019
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Photo: NORCE

Our TFL Team is on contract to service the template wells on the Snorre UPA offshore Norway.
The Through Flow Line test loop is a full-scale model consisting of a 450m test loop and scaffolding to closely reproduce a subsea well and template.
The facility features a triplex pump and pump manifold with storage tanks and a well equiped workshop.

NORCE's TFL test center is based on the ISO/DIS 13628 Part 3 and is used for research, testing, training and qualification of TFL technology.

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Contact TLF:

Finn Jørgen Pettersen
+47 51 87 52 39
+47 924 01 612

Håvard Byre
+47 51 87 52 82
+47 908 80 878

Georg Ivar Eide
+47 51 87 51 55

Jan-Åge Rydland
+47 51 87 54 76
+47 975 19 886