130 Tonnes Wear Cycle Test Bench

Originally built to test drilling jars, this test bench has been further developed to include many configurations for applying both tensile and compressive forces on very long objects - up to 70m.

Sist oppdatert: Jun 25, 2019
130 T IRIS
Photo: NORCE

The test bench is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and modern flow control systems to deliver precise load setups. Testing can be performed with accurate temperature control up to 200 °C

A comprehensive data logging system makes it possible to collect data at high acquisition rate (by use of the Matlab® software specially made for testing of jars). The static point is a large concrete slab fixed to the bedrock.

Technical summary:

Maximum tension: 130 ton
Maximum compression: 130 ton
Length: 45 m (with extensions up to 70 m)
Maximum OD: 406mm/16"