Satellite Remote Sensing

Sist oppdatert: Feb 21, 2020

The main activities are within synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing and applications, but also optical satellite data is applied for vegetation mapping and climate change research. NORCE is a leading institute in developing prototype operational SAR monitoring systems for change and avalanche detection, flood, sea ice, ocean, rain forest, snow cover, and geohazard monitoring.

Our results have made NORCE attractive as a partner in international EU and ESA projects. In 2001, NORCE (then Norut) was appointed as an ESA Expert Support Laboratory for the Envisat mission and is currently a contracted partner in the Sentinel-1 Mission Performance Centre - Expert Support Laboratory program.

During the last decade, we have developed an extensive general-purpose prototyping framework for SAR processing, called GSAR, that now constitutes the backbone of the operational InSAR geohazard monitoring system in Norway (