Optical Measurement Technologies and Photonics

Sist oppdatert: Feb 25, 2020

NORCE has broad expertise in developing a wide range of optical measurement technologies. We have primary focus on distributed fibre optical sensing, spectroscopy and robust imaging systems. Applications spans from; condition-based monitoring and maintenance, flow and fluid characterization and monitoring within petroleum and other industries, wind energy, water and environmental monitoring, imaging system for automatic sea lice identifications, ultra-high temperature process monitoring within metallurgy and intelligent traffic systems.

Laser-based systems enable remote inspection and monitoring of unprecedented accuracy and speed even in degraded visual environments (through water, fog, dust or smoke). Laser illumination and/or laser-based detection can enable other inspection techniques to be applied on otherwise inaccessible targets, through narrow openings, at elevated temperatures (e.g. laser ultrasonics).

Fibre optical sensing enable unique long-range distributed sensing capability of a wide range of parameters. See Fibre Optic Distributed Sensing for more information about technologies and applications within this field.