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DigiFuture: Combining data and models for improved decision support

What we do

NORCE and partners from academia, industry, local and central government in Norway seek to establish a centre for improved decision support named DigiFuture. NORCE and partners are proposing to establish a Centre for Research-Based Innovation (SFI).

DigiFuture contributes to enhanced innovation potential by new digital methods for decision support. The new methods will prepare for decisions leading to increased value creation, reduced risk, and improved safety.

At the Energy department in NORCE we have developed digital methods for reservoir management for over 20 years. When it comes to decision support the methods have led to a paradigm shift for the petroleum industry worldwide and the methods have also been commercialized. The methodology is also used globally in oceanography and meteorology. The methods have potential far beyond today's use, and in 2019 NORCE-Energy, together with the Nansen Center and University of Bergen, submitted an SFI (Center for Research-based Innovation) application for this.

DigiFuture has several user partners within the following topics:

  • health,
  • waste management,
  • water and land transport,
  • renewable energy, and
  • environmental monitoring.

Common to all these partners is that they have access to more and more data from advanced sensors, but they lack digital methods to exploit the data. DigiFuture will conduct research and lead to innovations in these areas, and more as time goes. At the same time, DigiFuture's partners are keen on the "big picture": sharing each other's data and knowledge, and consider people, cities, countries and the world as a whole - for a more sustainable future together.