Ruth Østgaard Skotnes

Ruth Østgaard Skotnes

Researcher II
Phone: +47 51 87 50 98
Office Address: Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Ruth Østgaard Skotnes has worked at NORCE (formerly IRIS) since the spring 2015. She has a Ph.D. in Social Science with specialization in Risk Management and Societal Safety from the University of Stavanger (UiS) from 2015. She also has a Master's degree (Cand. Polit.) in Administration and Organization Science from the University of Bergen (UiB) from 2007.

The theme of her doctoral thesis is ICT-/cyber safety and security in the electric power supply sector and the title of the thesis is: “Challenges for safety and security management of network companies due to increased use of ICT in the electric power supply sector”.

Her research interests include cyber/ICT safety and security, critical infrastructure protection, vulnerability and technology, risk and crisis communication, risk perception, safety and security climate/culture, and standardization and regulation of risk.

She has experience from research projects on safety climate and culture in the energy/electric power supply sector, digitalization and safety/security in the petroleum sector, safety climate in the construction industry, social/public acceptance of the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, etc. She has been the project leader of the projects "Risk and crisis communication about invisible hazards" and "Safety and security culture in the water and electric power sectors" (in cooperation with The Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS)). She has experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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