22. Sep 2020

CCS: A Hidden Gem for Mitigating Climate Change

It is gratifying to see that 20 years of research carried out by myself and my colleagues at NORCE, together with our national and international research partners, has contributed to a technology that is now officially part of the green shift in Norway. It has been a slow and deliberate march for carbon capture and storage, or CCS as it’s called for short, to become a sustainable solution to the climate crisis.

17. Sep 2019

Norway: World’s first passenger aircraft for environmental monitoring

02. Jul 2019

DAPPER v.0.9 has just been released

Developed at NORCE by Patrick N. Raanes (previously at the Nansen center) under the DIGIRES project, this open-source Python package enables benchmarking the performance of data assimilation (DA) methods for the purpose of experimental support and guidance for new developments in data assimilation and history matching.