Hydrogen underground storage
10. May 2021

Bridging the gap to a sustainable future: Underground Hydrogen Storage

Going for 100% renewable energy will not work without energy storage where surplus electricity is used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. Underground hydrogen storage offers us the possibility for storing energy in the subsurface at a very large scale.

Meidiafutures devices
26. Jun 2020

NORCE will participate in the SFI project MediaFutures, starting in the autumn of 2020

15. May 2020

Data assimilation in the cloud

Sea 4465800 1920 pixabay
16. Apr 2020


17. Sep 2019

Norway: World’s first passenger aircraft for environmental monitoring

02. Jul 2019

DAPPER v.0.9 has just been released

Developed at NORCE by Patrick N. Raanes (previously at the Nansen center) under the DIGIRES project, this open-source Python package enables benchmarking the performance of data assimilation (DA) methods for the purpose of experimental support and guidance for new developments in data assimilation and history matching.