Research Network in Primary Health Services

PracticeNet - Practice Based Research Network in Primary Health Services - is a new infrastructure that will enable researchers to conduct good and quality assurance studies in Norwegian public practice. At the same time, PraksisNett gives the General Practitioners (GPs) the opportunity to participate in research in a predictable and safe manner.

Sist oppdatert: Feb 14, 2020
Praksisnett vest

PracticeNet is a joint, national initiative from Norwegian primary care research communities. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and the partners in the project. The network is nationwide and consists of 90 GP offices organized through four regional networks and a overall coordinating unit attached to the University of Bergen. The plan is that the first research projects can be started in 2019. Researchers wishing to use PracticeNet to complete projects must apply through the coordinating unit.

AFE Bergen is responsible for the regional network in western Norway - PraksisNett Vest, and we want contact with general practitioners in our region (Vest-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane). General Practices assigned to PraksisNett will receive an annual basic grant and must participate in at least one research project annually. Participation in projects will also be compensated after the time spent in the individual project.

Examples of projects that can be included in PraksisNet

Data extraction Survey:
Laboratory results, drug use, additional diseases and contact with the GP´ s office in patients with a specific condition.

Observation study :
Patients with diagnosis x are sent a questionnaire or may conduct further investigations with the GP.

Qualitative study:
Patients with diagnosis x are identified and invited by the GP to participate in a qualitative study (interviews or focus groups).

Randomized Controlled Study (RCT ):
Patients with disease x are included in a randomized controlled trial where treatment y is compared with treatment z. Patients are identified by name lists generated by the data tool, or as pop-up when the current diagnosis is made during consultation.

Data processing in the projects

Extraction will take place through the Snow Health Appliance Box. This is a small computer that is installed locally at the GP's office and automatically extracts data from the patient record. The snow box is linked to the firmware server and retrieves data according to an agreed variable list each night. All patient and medical information stored on the box locally is pseudonymized so that no data can be traced back to the individual physician or patient. In addition, in all clinical trials to be conducted in PraksisNett, consent will be obtained from each patient and doctor.


Contact PracticeNet West through



Stein Nilsen

Researcher II - NORCE
+47 56 10 72 68



Nina Therese Lunde

Senior Consultant, Research Unit for General Practice - NORCE
+47 56 10 72 57