Offshore vind illustrasjon

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in Europe. NORCE covers important research areas needed to succeed in developing Offshore Wind as a societal accepted, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly energy source for the future.

NORCE draws on decades of expertise within offshore wind, also delivering research and innovation in a wide range of fields. NORCE is therefore uniquely equipped to discover new and innovative solutions.


We thrive to develop safe solutions of Offshore Wind installations by integrating our knowledge within: Energy science - Technology science - Climate science - Environmental science - Social science.

Sustainable operations & maintenance:

NORCE covers a range of research for developing cost-efficient solutions for offshore wind installations: Design, Data acquisition & analysis, Modeling & Simulation, Optimization, Visualization, Maintenance support, Decision support.

Areal planning:

At NORCE we use our competence within O&G, to optimize site planning and installation of offshore wind plants. The research covers a wide range of aspects from evaluating site geology, safe foundations for cables and turbines, grid connections, and integration with other energy systems. All constrained by earth dynamics. An important part of the areal planning is smooth interaction with other industries operating in the same area, e.g. fisheries, aquaculture, and marine transport.

Wind turbines:

The research at NORCE aims to improve the turbines design, installation, operation, and maintenance for cost-effectiveness.

We develop & improve solutions for Floating wind turbine design, Structural design, Drone inspection of wind turbines, Service, inspection and repair issues, Corrosion monitoring, Wake steering, Turbine proactive control, Energy production optimization, Energy utilization optimization.

Environmental effects:

The site-specific challenges and environmental consequences of offshore wind must be evaluated carefully. At NORCE we conduct research to:

Evaluate the impact on life at sea and land by our marine and biological expertise and tie it to the technical installations by performing a robust environmental risk assessment.

Support the large-scale adoption of renewable energy without compromising the maintenance of marine ecosystem services.

Support recommendations that will be of interest to countries where marine renewable energy is emerging alongside ecosystem-approach and marine spatial planning aspirations.

Governance R, D & I ecosystem:

At NORCE we have the expertise to evaluate the installation of offshore wind plants by integrating the important parts of the “whole” ecosystem: human society, biodiversity, and earth dynamics.


Offshore wind has societal implications and can cause conflicts if not handled properly during the planning process. At NORCE we conduct research on:

Involvement of different interests' groups, investigate public perceptions. Secure social license to operate. Local and regional participation of subcontractors, creation of value chains.​


In addition to working with wind, NORCE also works with energy system solutions in their entirety, and with solutions related to specific energy sources such as geothermal, solar, and hydrogen.